Years of Refinement
Have Made Sun Valley the Best at What We Do.

Sun Valley Masonry, Inc. was founded in 1978 by President Robert Baum and Vice President Ken Nessler. Both Robert and Ken believed then, as they do now, that our firm's greatest assets are the people who work for us.

Through their leadership and guidance, our people have built our company on a foundation of teamwork , good work ethic, and fairness. Sun Valley Masonry represents a collection of some of the most talented professional management staff and skilled craftsmen known in the industry. Our founding principles are still active in the company today, with a "hands-on" approach, an a leadership style that fosters teamwork, fairness and good old fashioned hard work.

There is a common belief that runs solid throughout our company... "We approach every project as if it were the sole example of how we were to be judged."